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What is Marketo Salud?

Marketo Salud is the meeting point for Dominicans living abroad and medical specialists and dentists in the Dominican Republic.


Marketo Salud only promotes certified doctors and members of their respective medical societies, in order to guarantee the quality and safety of the services offered.


If you are Dominican and you live outside the country, start your trip for medical reasons in the best destination in the region for health tourism, through a secure platform, quick reservation, and easy handling.


If you are a medical specialist, dentist, or want to promote your health or wellness center to the Dominican diaspora, claim your profile here.

Marketo Salud, where dominicans living abroad find medical specialist and dentists in the Dominican Republic

Dr. Manuel Sanabia

Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Adamo Crosetti

 Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine

Dr. Raúl Del Toro


Dr. Luis Redondo

  Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Rossy Nuñez


Dr. Héctor Sánchez

Weight Loss Surgeon

Dr. Kenneth Schimenky

Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Hector López

Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Rafael Alba Alifonso

Cardiovascular Surgeon


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