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Loose skin treatment options

What causes loose skin?

Having loose skin or flaccid skin is uncomfortable and not attractive when you try to have a good time at the beach, for example.

Normal skin can stretch and recover. When the skin loses the ability to return to its place, it begins to get loose.

Common areas where loose skin can develop are the eyelids, gills, chin, throat, upper arm and stomach.

These are some of the most common and known factors that lead to loose skin:

  • Aging. As we age, your body produces less collagen and elastin in the skin, the most important protein made in the dermis, which gives your skin its natural elasticity.

  • UV exposure Sun damage caused by UVA / UVB radiation can affect your skin's DNA, causing premature cell damage by breaking down collagen and elastin in your skin.

  • ​Pregnancy: the stretching of your belly and breast takes a toll on elastin, the main component to keep your skin tight. Some degree of loose skin is common after pregnancy.

  • Pollutants in the environment, including cigarette smoke, the latter causing a disruption of blood flow and subsequently produces less oxygen and nutrients for skin cells.

  • Lifestyle. Bad nutrition and excess alcohol.

  • Weightloss. Obesity can damage collagen and elastin fibers due to stretching. In that sense, a significant weight loss, such as bariatric surgery, leads to loose skin.

  • Medical conditions such as cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, known as loose granulomatous skin.

  • Another condition that causes flaccid skin is Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS), a rare connective tissue disorder that affects collagen production.

What are the treatment options for loose skin?

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