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Neck bands treatment options

What causes neck bands?

Neck bands can make you look at least 10 years older. In fact, one of the most common signs of aging or massive weight loss will be the appearance of neck bands.


They are also called platysmal bands because it happens when the platysma muscle stretches and falls. When the muscle contracts when you make certain facial expressions, it can cause vertical bands to form.


Unlike other muscles, which are attached to ligaments and bones, the platysma muscles float freely and will stretch as they contract.


Over time, these muscles may become lax, leading to the appearance of bands in the neck.


The loss of elasticity of the skin in the neck area can also contribute to the formation of bands in the neck, mainly due to the loss of collagen as it ages.

What are the treatment options for neck bands?

Here are some treatment options and health providers in the Dominican Republic.



Neck lift

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Aesthetic and Anti-Aging MD

Plastic Surgeon

Plastic Surgeon


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