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Dr. Kenneth Schimensky

Plastic Surgeon

Calle Mustafá Kemal Ataturk. Santo Domingo.


Dr. Kenneth Schimensky Cabrera is a member and current president of the Dominican Society of Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, SODOCIPRE. 


He is a qualified, accredited and highly trained surgeon who meets the standards required to perform plastic surgery in the country. 

He holds more than 23 years of experience and over 16,000 successful surgeries. 


  • Doctor in Medicine. Universdad Autónoma de Santo Domingo.

Postgraduate education

  • General Surgery Residence. Dr. Luis Eduardo Aybar Hospital

  • Specialization in Reconstructive, Maxillofacial and Burns Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Zulia University, Maracaibo University Hospital, Venezuela.

Free consultation



  • Member of the Dominican Medical School

  • Member of the Iberoamerican Federation of Plastic Surgery

  • Member of the Scientific Society Dr. Rafael Soto Matos, Maracaibo, Venezuela


  • Member of the Dominican Society of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Inc. (Current President)


  • Member of the Ibero Latin American Society of Plastic Surgery


  • Member of the International Confederation for Plastic, Reconstrutive and Aesthetic


Dr. Schimensky performs at Plasticenter, located in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.


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