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Dr. Manuel Sanabia

Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentist

Gustavo Mejía Ricart Avenue,near Abraham Lincoln, Plaza Andalucía 1, second floor. 2B.


Dr. Manuel Sanabia is an Aesthetic and Cosmetic dentist, ​committed to fulfill your goals of having healthier and more beautiful teeth, so you can have a reason to be happy, one smile at a time. 

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  • Doctor in Dentistry. Universidad Eugenio Maria de Hostos. Santo Domingo. Dominican Republic.

Postgraduate education

  • Master in Dental Aesthetics. Universidad Cardenal Herrera; Castellon, Valencia; Spain

  • Master in Dental Aesthetics. Higher Institute of Dental Specialties. Santo Domingo. Dominican Republic.


  • Managing member of the Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry Group (GRUDOER)


  • Member of the International Academy of Aesthetics.

  • Member of the Latin American Dental and Biomaterials Operative Association.(ALODYB)

  • Member of the Dominican School of Dentists


  • Certified Styleitalian Trainer.


  • Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry Group

  • Dominican Health Tourism Association


Dr. Manuel Sanabia performs at Estetic Art Center, a health center endorsed by the Dominican Ministry of Public Health and located in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.