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All you need to know about butt implants

What are butt implants?

Butt implants are medical devices placed to create volume, shape, contour, and enlarge buttocks.

Just like breast implants, butt implants are made from silicone but rather firmer and long-lasting.

Who is an ideal candidate for butt implants?

Like any major surgery, ideal candidates need to meet certain criteria:

  • An overall good physical and mental health

  • People with a stable weight that want to change the size and appearance of their buttocks

  • Non-smokers since nicotine can delay the healing process

  • Those with asymmetrical buttocks

  • People who have realistic expectations about the procedure

What are the risks of having butt implants?

There are certain risks associated with butt implants, including:

  • Scarring

  • Infection at the wound site

  • Pain

  • Bleeding

  • Fluid retention

  • Blood clots

  • Allergic reactions

It’s also possible for the silicone implants to move or slip out of place, leaving you with an uneven appearance and requiring further surgery.

How is butt implants surgery like?

The process of this type of plastic surgery is quite straightforward.

You are put under general anesthesia.


An incision in the targeted area is performed and made toward the top on both sides of the upper buttocks, and to the bottom in both of the butt cheeks, to insert the implants above the glutes.

The final steps are the closing of the insertion areas and the placing of a drain or prevent fluid retention.

Your plastic surgeon places a compression garment around the buttocks to minimize swelling while supporting the implants and helping the skin re-drape properly.

This garment should be 24 hours a day for approximately 2 to 3 weeks except when cleansing the area.

Are butt implants safe?

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery has documented a 95.6 % satisfaction rate concerning this type of surgery.

About 5% of patients required implant revision, and implant removal is performed in 3.8% of cases due to infection, pain, or seroma.

What should I expect during butt implants recovery?

Moderate pain is expected for two or three days after surgery. Patients can generally return to low-intensity tasks after five days.

In the first week, your doctor will advise you to avoid bending over, sleeping on your back, or sitting on your butt. In this stage, patients are encouraged to walk.


The most important part of any butt augmentation recovery is avoiding sitting.

The drains will be removed about a week after the procedure and the sutures will be removed in approximately ten days.


On week two, sitting is limited and the pain remains to a much lesser extent.

Patients can usually see the final results approximately 3 months after surgery since it takes time for the swelling to subside and the implants to settle into place.

In the third week, patients might experience a firm and tight implant, while bruising and swelling are almost gone.

After the first month, patients are usually cleared from exercising and swelling is mostly gone.

About six weeks is when patients start experienced a settle butt implant.

Your plastic surgeon will provide specific instructions for the best care at home. Patients are advised that there is a two to three weeks downtime from work.

How long do butt implants last?

Under normal circumstances, the results of your buttock augmentation surgery will be long-lasting.


This is why is so important to choose the most appropriate size for your body type.

Because buttock implants can’t rupture or leak, they’re considered permanent—unlike breast implants, which have an average life span of about 10 years.

How much do butt implants cost?

In the Dominican Republic, butt implants costs range from 5,000 to 5,400 dollars for an all-inclusive package that covers hospital and doctor fees, transportation, recovery house, basic medication, and lab tests.

Airfare, garment, and insurance is not covered in the package. 

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