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All you need to know about chin liposuction

What is chin liposuction?

Double chins can be frustrating and very difficult to reduce. The fat below the chin tends to make people appear unhealthy or overweight.


If diet plans or exercise are not working for you, it is time to consider an alternative method.

Chin liposuction is a surgical procedure that helps you achieve a slimmer facial feature by tightening the muscles beneath the chin with minimal downtime and reduced risks.


This type of surgery is often selected over a facelift to reduce the submental fat, commonly known as a double chin.

What are the benefits of chin liposuction?

The benefits of chin liposuction include:


  • Elimination of a double chin

  • Enhanced jawline

  • Neck fat reduction

Who is an ideal candidate for chin liposuction?

An ideal candidate for chin liposuction is a healthy individual with a realistic outcome of the surgery, and:


  • People concerned or self-conscious about their double chin

  • People with excess skin and fat in the chin area

  • People who have tried diet plans and exercise to reduce submental fat

  • People in overall good health

  • People who can maintain a stable, healthy weight

What are the risks of chin liposuction?

Though this procedure is considered as low-risk and involves minimal downtime and local anesthesia, there are some risk that includes:


  • Swelling

  • Infection

  • Seroma

  • Bleeding

  • Facial numbness

  • Nerve damage

  • Pain

  • Dimpled skin texture

How is the chin liposuction procedure like?

Chin liposuction takes about an hour and is usually performed under local anesthesia.


During surgery, your plastic surgeon injects a solution of lidocaine, which numbs the area, and a vasoconstrictor, such as epinephrine, into the fat. This to reduce both pain and bleeding.


Your plastic surgeon makes small incisions under your chin and inserts a small tube, called a cannula, to remove fat and reshape the neck extract the excess fat.


After the excess fat is removed, your surgeon closes the incisions with one or two stitches and places a supportive chin strap to hold your skin taut while it heals.

Because no general anesthesia is used, patients do not need to stay overnight for this procedure.


In many instances, chin liposuction may be performed in conjunction with a facelift, neck lift and/or chin implant, which significantly enhances a patient’s overall facial appearance.

What should I expect in a chin liposuction recovery?

Most people get back to their routine in the next two to three days after the surgery. A chin strap is also worn during those to three days to reduce swelling.


You should expect some level of swelling and bruising around the neck area. You should expect to wear a chin strap for three days to reduce this swelling. Your plastic surgeon will remove the drains within a few days.

What results should I expect from chin liposuction?

You will be able to see the results of your procedure once the swelling goes down, most noticeable in one to three months. 


For the best results, you need to maintain a stable, healthy weight. Some patients follow chin liposuction with a skin tightening procedure.

Chin liposuction is conceived to deliver long-term results if you maintain a healthy, stable weight.

How much do liposuction costs?

In the Dominican Republic, a chin liposuction procedure cost ranges 2,000 to 2,500 dollars for a package that covers hospital and surgeon fees, the recovery house, local transportation, basic medicine, and lab tests. 

Airfare, chin support, massages, and insurance is not covered in the package. 

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